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NXP's new vehicle wireless charging reference design was the first to pass Qi 1.3 certification

NXP Semiconductor has announced the launch of its new automotive wireless charging Reference design, which is the first to pass the Qi 1.3 standard certification developed by the Wireless Charging Alliance (WPC), a global standard setting body for wireless power. The reference design includes a QI-certified circuit board and NXP WIRELESS charging MWCT series MCUS, as well as an optional NFC security chip and CAN/LIN transceiver.

In addition, the solution provides a software package that includes NXP's Qi 1.3 wireless charging software library, as well as a complete customizable software solution that helps developers more easily bring QI-certified wireless chargers to market.

Most major smartphone manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi, use WPC's Qi standard. The new Qi 1.3 standard includes a new security verification feature to verify that a smartphone or other wireless power device is Qi certified, and if a non-certified device is detected, the wireless power transmission level can be lowered to ensure user safety and protect the device from damage. This requires the addition of secure storage for wireless power transmitters, and NXP's automotive-grade products meet this need.

Denis Cabrol, executive Director and General Manager of NXP Iot and Security Solutions, said: "By combining NXP's deep safety credentials with our automotive expertise and leveraging our leadership in high-performance on-board wireless charging, NXP is once again the first in the market with a complete mass-production solution suitable for the next generation of VEHICLE Qi products. "NXP partners can leverage a flexible hardware platform and customizable software library to quickly and reliably create wireless charging solutions to meet their unique needs."