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Top Ten Hot Trends in Semiconductor Industry in 2022- TOP10

Meta-cosmic concept products are difficult to land in 2022

In 2021, a carnival called "Metaverse" swept the world-in April, byte jump invested 100 million dollar in meta universe concept company code Qiankun; in May, Facebook changed its name to Meta, saying it would transform into a meta universe company within five years; in August, VR startup Pico disclosed that it had been acquired by byte jump for up to 9 billion dollar.

Microsoft announced the enterprise metacosmos solution at the Inspire Global partner Conference in August; VR startup Pico disclosed that it had been acquired by byte jumps for up to 9 billion dollar.

For a time, the global high-tech enterprises seemed to see the huge blue ocean market and began the initial layout of the meta-universe industry one after another.

Meta-universe itself is not a technology, but a concept and concept, which is based on extended reality technology to provide immersive experience, and digital twin technology to generate a mirror image of the real world.

Its arrival requires the integration of different new technologies, such as 5G, 6G, artificial intelligence, big data and so on.

In August 2021, Nvidia made use of the 14-second "digital stand-in" version of Huang Renxun to show off its muscles for the cloud universe platform Omniverse, which is regarded as the current "meta-universe infrastructure".

According to Nvidia, AR is the way AI enters the real world from Omniverse, while VR is the "wormhole" used to enter Omniverse.

Meta-universe aims to build a lasting virtual shared space while still maintaining the perception and experience of the real world.

VR/AR devices are regarded as the best "entrance" of meta-universe for users. In other words, the popularity of VR/AR devices will also become a key to the development of meta-universe industry.

What is embarrassing is that the popularization rate of VR equipment, which is regarded as the entrance of "meta-universe", is still low so far, and it is considered to be an "immature product".

This also means that we are still a long way from the opening of the meta-universe.

Although the concept of meta-universe is popular, we believe that wait-and-see will still be the main emotion of high-tech enterprises towards the concept of meta-universe in the coming year.

But what is certain is that driven by the concept of meta-universe, more manufacturers will begin to enter the VR/AR market in 2022.