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Philips Hue will be fully compatible with the latest standard home connection topic

As the core of the Philips Hue smart home lighting system, Philips Hue Bridge automatically updates the material connection standard to make all Hue Philips products compatible with this new industry standard.

The material connection standard optimizes the connection experience between Philips Hue and other smart devices and provides the basis for future development.

The Smart + Connected (Standard Connection Unity) is expected to publish the standard connection of the material in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Eindhoven, the Netherlands Global Nofei Global Lighting Leader (DE L'ERUPE AMSERDAM: Light) has announced that all Hue Philips products, including the lighting and accessories of Smart + Smart + and future, via standard material software Connected to the Smart home will be adapted. Update for bridges.

Smart Internet Alliance (formerly Aliance Zigbee Alliance) announced on May 11 that Matter Interconnection Standard is a new standard of a new industry, its predecessor has been connected to its home via IP (Chip), which aims to develop and develop and develop Developing a set of smart home connectivity standards is based on the Internet protocol, so that smart home devices can integrate.

Once compliance with the agreement, users of Philips Hue benefit from stronger collaboration and make it easy to create smart home scenarios.
Only one step is needed to match all of the philips hue products with the standard material connection.

Philips Hue has the most comfortable personal performance and the most comprehensive smart home lighting line.
As the core of the Hue Hue system, the Philips Hue Bridge system connects and controls all Hue Philips products, including internal and external lamps, entertainment lighting products, smart accessories and more.

In order to improve the Philips Hue smart home lighting system, the bridge is automatically updated in the user's home to adapt to the material connection standard.

Using this update, users can get a simpler experience when connecting the Philips Hue smart home lighting system to other smart home devices.

After updating the standard Hue Philips Hue Bridge, all customization settings in the Hue Philips system remain unchanged.
Users, as always, can enjoy the rich functions of smart lighting such as the lighting scene, the automatic lighting program, the advanced entertainment space and more.

Philips HUE is the main factor in formulating material connection standards.
As a member of the Smart + Standard Union Board of Directors, Member of Article and Zigbi Executive Committees and an active participant in Development Certificate and Certificate issuance, Shin Nawfi is a major promoter of material connection standards (previously connected more than IP, program Chip).

Since the standard launch, SMENFY has actively contributed to the integration of integrated lighting and ecology of smart home, so it can increase the unique experience given by Philips Hue to users.

Specifications are actively involved in sample experimental production, periodically testing the ability between Philips home partners and smart home partners under the MATTER standard, assuring that current and future users of Philips Hue can be an experience Have great smart home.
In Philips Hue, we continue to innovate and enhance user experience when connecting to other smart home systems.

With the active participation in the production and testing of the Philips Hue and other smart home devices under the standard of material connection, we continue to optimize the smart home experience provided by Philips Hue.

I believe that integrated connection standards in the industry can promote smart homes to enter more families. "
George Yenni, general manager of Philips Hu's technology, said.

The Smart + Connected Alliance Alliance is projected to launch a new standard of material connection in the fourth quarter of 2021.
After that, the update to the Philips Hue Bridge software is done on a global scale.