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Top Ten Hot Trends in Semiconductor Industry in 2022- TOP4

DDR5 memory is commercially available in bulk, and the price decreases after 2-3 years.

In July 2020, the JEDEC solid State Storage Association officially announced the DDR5 SDRAM standard (JESD79-5).

The pin bandwidth (frequency) of DDR5 memory is twice that of DDR4, and it is changed to an independent dual 32bit channel. The main frequency increases from 2400MHz of DDR4 to 4800MHz, which is about 50% higher than that of DDR4 3200MHz. The total transmission bandwidth increases by 38%, and will reach about 6400MHz or even 8400MHz in the future.

Although 2021 is the first year of DDR5 business, the current price of DDR5 remains high.

In the second half of 2021, Kingston, SanDisk, Jiahe Jinwei, Pirate ship, Micron, TEAMGROUP, Innodisk, Mingyi and other manufacturers respectively released DDR5 memory strips.

Take TEAMGROUP's memory stick kit, which is priced at $399.99 (2578 yuan) for 4800MHz 32GB DDR5.
At present, the price of 32GB DDR4 memory on the mainstream e-commerce platform is mainly between 1000 and 1500 RMB. In the case of the same capacity, the price of DDR5 is about 2/3 to twice as high as that of DDR4.

Some industry insiders say that when DDR5 memory accounts for 30 per cent of the entire memory market, its price will gradually decline.

Observing the characteristics of each generation of memory conversion, there is generally a 2-3-year conversion process between adjacent generations, in which the market share of new products will become higher and higher.

Judging from this feature, we do not expect a significant reduction in DDR5 memory prices until the second half of 2023 to the second half of 2024.

As DDR5 products gradually enter mass production, NAND Flash stack technology will go beyond 200 layers.

In terms of DRAM, Samsung, SK Hynix and Meguiar will gradually mass-produce DDR5 products, while the demand for 5G mobile phones also stimulates the continuous increase in the market share of LPDDR5.

In addition, SK Hynix and Samsung will continue to mass-produce 1a nano-process products, and the market visibility is expected to increase quarter by quarter in 2022.

On the application side, Intel released the 12th-generation Core Desktop CPU on October 28th, 2021, bringing DDR 5 memory into the PC DIY market.

Of course, to experience all the features of Intel 12 Core, you must work with DDR5 memory.
As DDR5 is facing an out-of-stock crisis, some consumers are unable to experience the advantages that DDR5 memory brings to PC.